With a passion. For our customers.

Exhibitions. Events. Shareholder meetings. Showrooms.


Holistic thinking

Zeeh Design creates unique and impressive encounters with your brand. Whether it’s an exhibition, shareholder meeting or event, we want to understand you. Together with you, we achieve a sustainable effect that focusses purely on your brand. To achieve that we work with passion and our hearts – for unforgettable brand experiences.


Benefits according to plan.


Project know-how

We understand your project. In every phase. That’s where our success comes from. Our project know-how is based on decades of experience and paves the way to our joint goal: sustainable communication for our customers. Project know-how thereby becomes project management. It’s our dependable guiding principle for realising ambitious plans successfully and in a goal-oriented way.

ZEEH Project understanding

More than the sum of its parts.



We create a coherent overall image with radiance for you. In short, a convincing exhibition presence for demanding brands. Together, we work out a coherent overall concept where all components work together in an interdisciplinary way. Our integrated approach turns your appearance into a successful and unique whole.

ZEEH Engineering

Built on intelligence.


Design intelligence

At Zeeh Design, your vision becomes our joint project. Which is how, together, we create individual success stories for you. With design intelligence. It connects every dimension of the project and forms spaces of tailored and goal-oriented communication experiences. Design intelligence: Effective. Sustainable. Scalable.

ZEEH Design intelligence

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